Tara's Toyland Home Daycare

Where Learning is Fun and Friendships Flourish


I offer quality in every day, early childhood expertise, and an individualized preschool curriculum. I stay up to date on the most current child development research. The children are fed a variety of high quality foods which include fresh fruits, whole grains and lean proteins. Parents can expect to see pictures of their children throughout their time with me via a private Facebook page, as well as information on what happened during the day. In order to provide the best environment and highest quality of care I make sure my fees will cover the best supplies and training.

Infants up to 12 months of age - $225 per week
12 months of age up to potty trained - $210 per week
Potty Trained and older - $190 per week

Part Time rates: $7 an hour, $6.50 per hour, $6 per hour respectively, hours are contracted, you pay regardless of attendance

**with Illinois raising minimum wage my rates will increase yearly to keep up with the inflation this will cause**

Potty trained means that children are dry/accident free during waking hours in underwear for 2 weeks straight at my house.  Nap time wetness is not related to potty training as sleep training is biological not learned. There is no age on potty training. I start "training" as soon as the child can confidently walk and do so in a natural progressive manner, but parental home involvement is needed for potty training to be successful. My goal is not to keep your child at the higher tuition rate but rather to have less diapers and more self-sufficient children.   

A Typical Day

A typical day at Tara's Toyland will include free choice play throughout the day and the following scheduled events:
Breakfast: (grain, milk and fruit/veggie)
Infants and Toddlers will have a morning nap
Circle time: story, calendar, a theme activity that works with various Illinois Early Learning Standards
Art project relating to the lesson of the day  
Outside time weather permitting 
Lunch: milk, protein, grain, two fruits/veggies
Nap time (all children are required to rest quietly)
Afternoon snack: two food groups served
Outside time - weather permitting 
Fun and friendship all day every day!

Preschool Curriculum

*  Most children are reading by the time they are 5.

*  Math concepts such as one to one correspondence, patterns, adding, subtracting, size relations and more are covered in many different way.

*  Children are exposed to the way their world works.  There are frequent science experiments, both planned and spontaneous.

*  Children are taught to be a friend.  Studies have shown this is one of the most important aspects of a preschool education.

*  Self regulation skills are taught in a kind, loving, developmentally appropriate manner.

*  Proper handwriting techniques are taught as soon as a child uses a crayon.  Teaching the children the correct way to accomplish a skill means no re-teaching later.

*  Art is used to tie skills together.

*  Dramatic play areas are used to incorporate the theme to their lives.

*  All learning is done through play, interactions and fun activities.  Never worksheets, flashcards or rote memorization.

I take pictures of many projects to show off to parents on the client only Facebook page.