Fun in Every Day Fun in Every Day 11539846 The rope ladder 11539837 Outside in the back yard Outside play is very important. In the fenced in backyard there is a big playground. In the front we have ride on toys. Both areas have balls, outside toys, bubbles and other fun things to do. 11539835 shoveling the snow 24916748 sensory table It was too cold to play in the new snow, so we brought the snow inside to play with. We talked about melting and freezing. 24917868 24916750 Little buddies 24917879 A explains how things work to M 24917862 Multiple ages play together Older children help younger children learn skills. The older children also learn to be gentle and compassionate as well as learning patience through their interactions with the babies and toddlers. 11539848 marble works because marbles are choking hazards we had to do the marble roller coaster in the water table 35206029 Three buddies shareing toys 35206036 Blowing bubbles for the babies 35206038 KP can sit up and play with M now! 35206139 Blanket fort 35206140 Valentine Day party - Hot potato type game 35206141 soapy water fun 43585390 sharing starts young 15514075 Miss Nora we've got you covered! 43585397 Halloween jumping game 48944768 Magnatiles are a favorite toy 15514911 15514927 15514910 color science experiment 15514071 56360059 up the stairs, down the slide 56360063 turkey basters in the water table 56360064 our cool bus 56360065 building 56360077 yummy birthday treat 56360087 garage fun on a rainy day 56360088