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Tara's Toyland Home Daycare

Where Learning is Fun and Friendships Flourish

Fun in Every Day

The Environment The Environment 205892086 205892087 205892088 205892089 205892090 Pirate theme set up One girl was obsessed with pirates so we had a pirates them. Pirates need to eat fish from the ocean, so pirates was combined with ocean theme. 205892091 205892092 205892094 baby gates are used to keep big kid stuff from being ruined by toddlers that don't know better or to keep crawling infants safe 205892095 205892096 205892098 Calendar We do Math Their Way calendar. This emphasizes patterns, number recognition, counting on, the concept of after you get to the end of a row you go to the front of the next row, taking turns, starting to understand yesterday/today/tomorrow time concepts and days of the week. This picture is showing a very complex calendar as we had multiple kids ready for kindergarten after this school year. 205892099 205892100 205892101