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Tara's Toyland Home Daycare

Where Learning is Fun and Friendships Flourish

Fun in Every Day

Art Gallery Art Gallery 160028855 160028856 160028857 160028858 first they chose crayons and laid them out on the canvas, then I hot glued them down, lastly they used the hair dryer to melt the crayons 160028860 The finished crayon melting art work, each child made a canvas as an xmas gift to their parents 160028884 painting teeth with toothbrushes 2006 160029213 painting teeth with toothbrushes 2010 160028859 160029214 aliens/monsters made from handprints 160029215 160029216 160029217 transparent vs opaque (opaque was see through items in a water bottle) 160029219 tie dying shirts 160028885 160028886 painting on the light table 160028887 art starts young! 160029252 160029253 The Foot Book During Dr. Seuss week we read the foot book, did foot math and then foot art work 35206033 painting is easy, just try to remember not to eat it! 15514928 splatter painting outside 15514929 Transportation unit When learning about transportation we made box cars. 11539861 playdough 56360067